Happy and grateful for the State of The City residency at PAVILJOEN AAN HET WATER in Rotterdam, curated by Kamiel Verschuren and made possible thanks to nctm e l’arte: Artists-in-Residence grant.

The residency was previewed to last from January to March 2020, but because of the pandemic the stay has been longer.

I shared the residency space with my partner and colleague of research Nicola Ciancio. We shared our work in progress on the led sign of the residency place by editing part of our conversations.

I focused on the MaasGod monument and I invited Roberto Fiorentini to collaborate on a sound work together. Our research resulted in MAASGOD VOICE sound-track and in HALFAWAY River listening action.

I’ve preserved my connection to the Nile Monument in Naples creating a conversation between them and the Maasgod within Sunrise Gods’Call video work.