I am an interdisciplinary visual artist and researcher with a practice in video and performance. I was born in Venezuela with the privilege of double nationality and raised mainly in Italy. After 20 years spent in the blue banana, currently I live in Naples. My pronouns are She/Her/Hers


Within conversations, objects and connective actions, I explore time based visions to move cognitive and body habits. Currently, I research on the body postures opening up (or not) human disposition to the other: “other” than a white-male-human in his 50s. My art and life practice hugs the aesthetical and the political in a soft way, mainly in the public sphere. My research results in ephemeral actions, videos, photos, objects, installations, curatorial projects and books.


I presented my works in exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe, America and East Asia, both in underground and institutional frameworks, such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas, the Museum of Modern Art of Moscow, the Museum of Oriental Art in Turin, YBCA San Francisco, the Hong Kong Space Museum and the Experimental Media and Performing Arts Centre in New York. Many of my interventions in the public space have been realized in the frame of art residencies like for example Kunstlerdorf Schoeppingen (DE), VIR (I), State Of The City (NL), MansionBlatt (Lebanon), Le Belordinaire (Fr)


I graduated in film direction from the Scuola di Cinema, Televisione e Nuovi Media of Milan (2000) while studying contemporary dance with my dearest Franca Ferrari at CIMD, and with various other performers (as Wim Vandekeybus, Sosta Palmizi founders, Nigel Charnock, Susanne Linke). While working on performance and movement in Paris, in 2006 my work get a relational and interdependent turn, a turn fed by the path to get the Master’s degree in Fine Arts (DNSEP, Paris 2009). An aspect I stressed in the frame the Advanced Master of Research in Art & Design at Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp (2020).


With À Peau d’Écran collective, which I founded with Claire Ubéda in Paris in 2003, I researched on haptic properties of the image working within video, performance and interactive devices. When I shifted my work in the public space, I’ve translated my somatic approach into visual and relational devices. Ex-Voto Association for Radical Public Culture has curated most of those interventions. Moreover, In the frame of its activities, we’ve collectively conceived and founded Non Riservato network and we are part of Borderlight Collective. I worked on participate sound devices within DIMMER Collective (Andrea Amici+Nicola Ciancio+me). As Vegapunk I’ve collaborated to various project supporting artists.


// Let’s meet or send me things in real life at SuperOtium, via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi 8, 80135 Napoli, Italia // CV upon request at simonadapozzo@mac.com // For Vegapunk projects, please write to artist.run.vegapunk@gmail.com