Il giardino d’inverno

On May 7th The Winter Garden, a handbook of possible practices, a project by Vera Pravda […]

Studio Visit me !

This new platform give access to artists’ ateliers in Naples and surroundings: take a surf and […]

Giardino d’inverno

I am very happy to contribute to Giardino D’Inverno handbook in the section dedicated to ANIMALS, […]

VVV-R is running now

Four artist, selected on the basis of an open call for participation, are now in residency […]

paesaggio affettivo

TRIENNALE Milano 28 settembre // ore 18 – 20immagini: nei giardini di Triennale Milano l’installazione “Todes” di […]

naively radical

Sint Lucas Antwerpen Research Group (SLARG) and Kunsthal Extra City joyfully invite ADMA 2020 to join Naively […]

Typp // Conversation

Our huge baby has finally arrived! TYPP ADMA Edition: Conversation Head Editor : Marnie Slater Editorial […]


Vapori / Opary / Vapores / Dampen / Vapeurs / Ατμοί / Vapours Exhibition on Visualcontainertv […]

La gita digitale

A digital workshop on Hacking Monument research form an Anthropological perspective with Simona Da Pozzo and […]

Digital Glue

It’s online Digital Glue exhibition, on VisualcontainertTv until march 18th DIGITAL GLUE ON VISUALCONTAINERTV FROM FEBRUARY […]

Twelve on ROots & routes

Giulia Grechi and Salvo Lombardo curated the n°35 edition of Roots&Routes titled Anche le statue muoiono […]

Currently I’m working on long term gentle hacks on the Nile monument in Naples. I’m curating with Alessandra Arnò VVV-R and with Nicola Ciancio, Paesaggio Affettivo at Triennale Milano.