Humid shared volume on Panoramica*21

Visualcontainer launchs its new Panoramica project with the selection CAMBIAMENTI DI STATO curated by Alessandra Arnò: ten works of which my video Humid Shared Volume (2021) is part of.

“A look at the videographic production of 2021 offers a varied overview of the experiments that artists have put in place ideally to change status, cross a threshold or simply make a transition. This need to go beyond, to explore other scenarios or to transfigure oneself into something else, becomes a practice implemented through technology, self-awareness or the computational world. The territories recounted in this selection are zones of passage, projections of our mind, places of memory or everyday spaces emptied of conscious presence, which then become soft membranes to be crossed. This selection of video art has highlighted recurring thoughts, practices and reflections on such a particular historical moment, which for the first time unites both authors and viewers.”