Vapori / Opary / Vapores / Dampen / Vapeurs / Ατμοί / Vapours

Exhibition on Visualcontainertv from APRIL 21st until JUNE 1st 2021

Artists: Alicia Jeannin, Lucy Cordes Engelman, Agata Jastrząbek Filarowska, Risk Hazekamp, Simona Da Pozzo, Paz Ortúzar, Felipe Muhr & Diego Muhr, Kaat Van Doren, Anna Housiada, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello.

Vapori is an exhibition that brings together a group of artists and designers engaged in research art processes related to a wide range of socio-political contexts. The works have been thought and executed, having as a common substrate the collective digital meetings and coffees that the group had between October 2020 and April 2021. A blog fed and collected the exchanges, and it is a trace of the process:

“3… 2… 1… Contact.Being with, talking to, feeling close to, sharing with, comparing between, teasing about, feeling in a circle of safety, in a flow of practices. A group by chance. Not a manifesto, not a technique, not a common vision or ideology: just a subtle ongoing exercise of inclusion and respect, curiosity and critical analysis, doubt and enthusiasm. Chatters and hugs to be recovered, to be simulated, to be resurrected. How to mend the distance, how to nurture practices, thoughts, desires and caring with…? This digital exhibition is the cause and effect of maintaining contact between a group of artists. We have developed strategies of tele-presence, tele-sharing, tele-vision, and tele-exhibition. The works were created during a digital relational process that began in October 2020. Our blog collects the input and leftovers we carried both individually and together to create connections and reflections on our research during our virtual cafés together. Some of the artists conjured up a video, some supported the others in the process of making.”