Il giardino d’inverno

On May 7th The Winter Garden, a handbook of possible practices, a project by Vera Pravda and Rebecca Agnes in cooperation with Viafarini, sees the light, takes root from digital world to real world making.

The Winter Garden is the result of a series of meetings informal meetings by invitation, which took place from November 2021 to April 2022, waiting for the return of spring, at the Viafarini Archive at the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan. Each meeting is dedicated to an environmental and social issue. Each invitee is asked to bring a ‘good practice’ related to the theme of the day, to be discussed together, and a small plant. The aim of the various meetings is to collect ideas and images to create a ‘manual’ you can read at this link: Il Giardino d’Inverno.
The plants collected formed The Winter Garden in the Viafarini Archive and are then planted in a series of collective actions, like seeds (ideas) that over winter sprout in new places accessible to allə in the spring.

Contributors: Annalisa Cattani, Beatrice Oleari, Camilla Alberti, Caretto e Spagna, Claudia Zanfi, Daniela Di Maro, Davide Crippa, Donatella Pavan, Elena Bellantoni, Enzo Calibé, Ferdinando mazzitelli, Frank Stelitano, Gabi Scardi, Giancarlo Norese, Giorgios Papadatos, Giulio Verago, Isabella Pers, Melina Mulas, Michele Guido, Penzo+Fiore, Pietro Gaglianò, Premiata Ditta, Roberto Picchi, Rossana Ciocca, Sdarch, Silvia Giambone, Simona Da Pozzo, Sofia Baldi, Sonia Arienta, Stefania Migliorati, Susanna Ravelli, Tiziana Pers.