The Atlas of Bodies started in 2019 as a slow investigation on/with the Body of Naples, the Nile Monument: an attempt of alliance with a monument to tell the multiple bodies, human and not, at the margins of representation and representative in the public space. ( > works )

Breastfeeding has been the connective position, both physical and social, between me and the Body of Naples: a position that uncovers fragilities and constructions around the concept of the human as the direct opposite of the animal label.
I let myself be led from this position to begin to interrogate some of the multiple ‘Bodies of Naples’ and feed conversations and narratives about bodies that have no Representation, political and/or aesthetic, in public space. Bodies that are not white, not male, not straight, not able-bodied, not adult, not human.

The formal and historical characteristics of the Naples Body leave the field open to multiple visions and criticalities. Starting from my nurturer position and taking as a reference the multidimensional theoretical frame theorised by Aph Ko and Syl Ko in Apro-ism, through conversations and actions I attempt to educate myself and the monument to use our privileges as antennas for alternative narratives and needs to the dominant ones and thus sew alliances between bodies, create connections with other monuments, other places and practices.