Jus SoliS

Mirror and action curated by Marco Izzolino, Autumn equinox 2019

The law of the sun: I waited for the first winter sun to illuminate the Nile with reflected light. Passers-by and people working in the surroundings helped me to sustain the mirror and to film the time when the monument was illuminated. The action, a pretext to take contact with the place, takes its cue from “O’sole mio”. The well-known song is about the poorest apartments, those on the ground floor, which receive only the light reflected from the upper and richer floors.

The action lasted as long as it takes the sun to use Via Palladino, the ancient bed of the Taglina river, as a vector of light that laps, without touching, the monument on 22 December 2019.
I cached the first light of the new sun reaching the street with a handmade dental mirror, iron, wood, mirror and rust. 200 x 40 cm. Passers by helped me to hold the mirror and enlighten the monument by reflection.