notes about a polyamorous affair with the bodies of Naples

Video, 1920 x 1080, color, stereo,  variable duration, working on since 2019.

2*edition (7′, october 2022) presented at Slarg research week.

Part of “Atlas dei Corpi“ research ATLAS DEI CORPI on the monument Corpo di Napoli

The Body of Naples is at the core of my attempt to fluidize a monument. By interacting with this monument at each solstice and equinox, a kind of polyamorous affair has born engaging a plurality of bodies and icons in a long term process. Breastfeeding has been the connective position, both physical and social, between me and the “Body of Naples”: a position that uncovers fragilities and constructions around the concept of the human as the direct opposite of the animal label. I let myself be led from this position to begin to interrogate some of the multiple ‘Bodies of Naples’: Parthenope mermaid, River Nile, river bodies, non-human animals, non-adult humans, adults with prostheses, vegetables in the folds of stone.  The video is an ongoing editing process. It collects and digests the research taking as one of the main references the multidimensional frame theorized by Aph Ko a in “Racism as Zoological Witchcraft”(2019).

The artwork is given by the ensemble of the video and the list of sources of each frame of it.