Half a flood. Research

Black gel pen, gouache, pastel, highlighter and pencil on 300 gr cotton paper 136 x 115 cm. image: photo of the drawing by Amedeo Benestante.

The drawing is part of the Atlas of Bodies research with which I attempt to fluidise the River Nile monument (Naples, DC II).

Half a Flood began as an iconographic study of the monument and developed in reaction to the drought of 2022: it tells of water and the study of its cycles as a vital need. In Ancient Egypt, the Nile was quantified through the Egyptian cubit: a unit of measurement represented by the figure of an infant. I explore drawing as an analytical tool for philologically reconstructing the positions of the infants that surrounded the figure of the Nile: the two drawings (Research and Conclusions) are in fact the result of interpolating the restoration drawings of the monument (1993) with the prints conserved in the libraries and museums of Naples.

Evidence, errors and corrections are piled up in Research, making the process of analysis visible.