Parli con Me? workshop with Gaglianò

During the six online meetings, Pietro develops a reflection on the current perception of public monuments in Milan, outlining a geography based on the experience of the participants. The workshop will analyse how and for what purposes the monuments have been created and developed.

Participants: Giuseppe Mongiello, Matteo Tenardi, Vera Pravda, Gianluca Gramolazzi, Emil Cottino, Irene Sofia Comi, Ludovico Riviera.

Pietro Gaglianò deals with the relationship between art and the public sphere. He believes that every action and every thought is expressed in a political dimension of living together; 2016 saw the volume dedicated to the aesthetics of power, “Memento. L’ossessione del visibile”, Postmedia Books. In 2020 he published with Gli Ori the volume “La sintassi della libertà. Art, pedagogy, anarchy.”