The snake changes its skin: its dry skin can be seen as an objet trouvé, as an empathic tool for relating to others and to the environment.

On 22 February, at SuperOtium, we will explore through our guests the different ways in which the artists’ research relates to video, both as a tool and as a work.

The round table is intended as a meeting point between the people present, their artistic practices and the use of video in their research: a space to engage in reflections that will evolve throughout the evening in face-to-face conversations.

The projection will present works that dialogue with the video-trouvé as a tool to look at one’s own research through the eyes of others: a topical subject to explore how human interaction and the perception of reality continuously slip within the interfaces of the screen.

The 9 works by the young artists were created in 2021 and 2022 as part of the VVV-R residency: they interacted within a digital environment consisting of a blog, a webinar platform, digital and physical archives, and a streaming platform.

18:00 Round table: the conversations will focus on the relationship between artistic research and video support in the practice of the artists present at the meeting. The round table will have an informal approach and is open to the public. Language: Italian and English

guests: Damp Collective, Evelyn Yulin Zhou, Roxy in the Box, Lisa Moro, Annabel Miller, Guido Accampa, Clara Begliardi Ghidini, Tilly Collins.

19:30 Screening: Becoming the Skin of the Snake + Digital Glue

Artistsə: Amie Dodgson, Evelyn Yulin Zhou, Lisa Moro, Annabel Miller, Clara Begliardi Ghidini, Dasha Konovalova, Eve Williams, Tilly Collins, Eleanor Banfield.


VVV-R, Visualcontainer Vegapunk Videoart Residency, is a project curated by Alessandra Arnò, Visualcontainer, and Simona Da Pozzo, Vegapunk. The 2021 and 2022 editions of the residency were supported by Arts University Bournemouth.

Visualcontainer is the platform dedicated to the research, curation and dissemination of video art and new media works, founded in Italy in 2008. VisualcontainerTV: online platform dedicated to international video art.

SuperOtium is an art-residency space for contemporary cultures, which through a residency programme for artists, designers, curators and researchers, aims to support a different narrative of the city.