Milano Urban Center Edition

“Paesaggio affettivo”a contribution by Simona Da Pozzo and Nicola Ciancio in Report 2021. 4 temi di ricerca per la città di Milano a publication edited by The City of Milan in collaboration with Triennale Milano.

What moves us to make mundus? For whom do we make a place habitable, and in particular the city? Afection is at the heart of the conversations we have had with six realities we love, both professionally and humanly: artists, designers and planners who create grassroots projects on a territory and or art processes that are grafted onto the roots created by others.

The text is based on the conversations we had with Anna Gesualdi and Giovanni Trono (Altofest), Andrea Capaldi (Mare Culturale Urbano), Matteo Uguzzoni (Lumine), Pasquale Campanella and Bianco-Valente (A Cielo Aperto), Isabella Pers and Tiziana Pers (RAVE East Village Artist Residency) and Francesca Marconi (Todes and Internazionale Corazon).

Those conversations lead us to conceive relational time as the humus of practices that take care of possible futures.

The paper is part of the Report 2021 publication by Milano Urban Center and Triennale Milano, which contributors are: Salvatore Porcaro, Davide Ponzini, Zachary M.Jones, Nicole De Togni, Stefano Di Vita, Arianna Campanile, Caterina Laurenzi, Gabriele Leo, Grazia Mappa, Marco Minucci, Chiara Quinzi, Diego Terna, Federico Parolotto, Federico Marcantognini, Bertram Niessen, Nicola Ciancio, Simona Da Pozzo, Guido Musante, Bogdan Peric, Francesco Garofalo, Sebastiano Leddi, Federica Patti, Cristina Renzoni, Paola Savoldi, Florencia Andreola, Azzura Muzzonigro.