Image: Still from “Galaxian Green” by Eleanor Banfield 2021 realized in the frame of VVV-R #1

VVV Residency is residency project dedicated to Arts University Bournemouth to engage with their artists in a critical reflection on video libraries and a production time for videoart. Curated by Alessandra Arnò and Simona Da Pozzo, the residency focuses on the video-trouvé as a tool to look at one’s own research through the eyes of others: a topic to face nowadays where human interaction and perception of reality is continuously glitching within screen interfaces.

The residency is digital and online, it lasts 6 weeks (January 10th – February 25th 2022) and artists engage with different digital tools: a blog, webinar platform, digital and physical archives, a streaming platform.

The final exhibition runs on VisualcontainerTv and in 2022 the opening event will be IRL at SuperOtium, Naples.