Within conversations, objects and connective actions, I explore time based visions to move cognitive and body habits. Currently, I research on the body postures opening up (or not) human disposition to the other: “other” than a white-male-human in his 50s. My art and life practice hugs the aesthetical and the political in a soft way, mainly in the public sphere. My research results in ephemeral actions, videos, photos, objects, installations, curatorial projects and books.

Vegapunk is a physical and virtual place for sharing artistic practices, an extension of my artistic practice in the domain of curating driven by extemporaneous curiosity. The focus is to highlight artistic practice as both an intellectual and physical process driven by dialogue (between people, formats, disciplines). Vegapunk tends to collaborate with artists whose discourse extends beyond the artistic frame to include researches entangled with the world, also in a social and political sense. 
In 2021 VPK left the bricks of Via Palazzi 9 (Milan) to sail into the web.