Vegapunk is a physical and virtual place for sharing art research; an extension of my artistic practice in the domain of curating driven by extemporaneous curiosity. The focus of Vegapunk is to highlight artistic practice as both an intellectual and physical process driven by dialogue (between people, formats, disciplines). The development of exhibitions, talks and sharing moments is the result of an empirical approach. Pirate imagery dominates many glimpses of this project: a certain exploratory taste where navigating by sight allows one to observe what is being done in the act of happening, and to go beyond. Vegapunk tends to collaborate with artists whose discourse extends beyond the artistic frame to include researches entangled with the world, also in a social and political sense. The focus on the relationship between space and time, both in the physical and aesthetic sense, leads Vegapunk to privilege time-based projects and to define Vegapunk as an artist-run-space&time.
The project is developed in the frame of Ex-voto (Association for Radical Public Culture) activities. In 2021 Vegapunk left the bricks of Via Palazzi 9 (Milan) to sail only into the web.