Rendere il volto alla Giustizia

Lend the face of the Justice’s body // Ambrogio

Interactive installation: Drawing (Black pen on cotton paper) 90x 300 cm; led signboard; 30 names given by visitors.

The artwork reinterprets a statue originally sculpted in the XVII century to represent the Goddess of Justice. Located in Milan, over the centuries the statue endured many interventions that have changed its face and attributes to embody biographies of several men. The installation invites citizens to rename again the statue within a woman who can “put the face” for the body of Justice.

This installation is part of the outcomes of the research on monuments realized in Milan between 2016- and 2018 thanks to Milano Attraverso and Non Riservato support and it has been presented at Rossana Ciocca /ArtCityLab Gallery, November 21st / December 21st 2018.