Digital print on banner of the detail of a modified banknote with the winged head of the god Hermes/Mercury rotated 90°.

images: on the left the digital image, on the right the printed flag showed in Palermo in the frame of Fuori Luogo exhibition, a project by A Cielo Aperto curated by Bianco-Valente and Pasquale Campanella, Manifesta 2018

text from Fuori Luogo communication:

“A Cielo Aperto, curated by Bianco-Valente and Pasquale Campanella, presents Fuori Luogo: 13 flags installed on the balconies of private homes in Piazza Magione in Palermo. This intervention is realised for Border Crossing, a collateral event of MANIFESTA 12 “The Planetary Garden. Cultivating coexistence” and is part of the initiatives of Palermo Capitale della Cultura Italiana 2018.
The invited artists were: ALAgroup, Simona Da Pozzo, Antonio Della Guardia, Emilio Fantin, Serena Fineschi, Radical Intention, Laure Keyrouz, Francesca Marconi, Elena Mazzi, Patrizio Raso, Michael Rotondi, Raffaella Spagna – Andrea Caretto, Museo Wunderkammer. (…) Simona Da Pozzo investigates migration as a condition of supranational and plural identity with her work Hermes. The depiction of a detail of an old modified 500 lire banknote, with the winged head of the god Mercury, brings us back to the economic and human flows in which the individual, through migration, carries out a transformative process on himself and on the world. A transformation that reaffirms a plural identity, no longer traceable to a single dimension of belonging.”