Ubiquity Access Point

Pemanent interventions in the public space, 50 x 50 cm | Materials: Portable Ground, concrete, text and varnish.

image: documentation of Ubiquity Access Point realized with the Russian Portable Ground in Pisa, Piazza San Michele degli Scalzi.

The first Ubiquity Access point has been realized as a blank in the asphalt at Le Bel Ordinaire (Pau, France 2009).

The second episode has been the travel via train from France to Russia (Video “Exclave“). I’ve been looking for a place in Moscow where to create an “Ubiquity Access Point” using the french Portable Ground as an excuse to talk about the concept of “care” and involve the public of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in the search for a spot where to install this Portable Ground and pick up a Russian one.

In the frame of the Biennale of Young Art of Pisa, I realized the second installation (see in the images) performing Moscow has been here.

Currently, the pink ground from Pisa is waiting in Muenster (De) for the installation.