Video hd, 4’53, color, stereo, Italy France 2009

image: still from video

In a turquoise field, bodies change beams floating in the surface until water’s gone. At night, water is the only light: the faces remain in the shadows, resembling those of anonymous beasts. The slow, passive movement maintains the gaze, while leaving it indifferent.
“(…) Many say that sugar is sweet, but me, I feel the sugar as violent” wrote Barthes: that’s the input for Azúcar, sugar in Spanish. Azúcar looks for seduce through the aestheticism of the image. The seduction operates violently by its tendency to hide discourse substance. I spread the elements revealing, denouncing the progressive water vanishing. At the same time, I displace the attention from the clues ’till the end.

performers: claire ubéda, laurence crémoux, simona da pozzo | photography: daniele vascelli | produced by Micromega Paris – partener: A peau d’ecran