À Peau d’Écran is a collective founded by Claire Ubéda and Simona da Pozzo in 2003 after collaborating on the Walkabout of Alices. They developed the video dance work, begun by Simona in 1999, by exploring the relationship between the body and the environment through the concepts of haptic image and of passive movement.

The research resulted in a series of videos as: Azucar, Entrevues, île 2 and i._ .

Their latest collaboration has been on the interactive and relational urban installation Persiane (“Aide à la maquette” CNC 2007, “Aide à la création” PCI, Pau 2008).

Then their researches have deepened the different aspect they merged in À Peau d’Écran. Among the important traces left by Claire in Simona’s work, the passion for relationships in particular stands out.