Île 2

video 3’28” dvcam, b/n, Italia 2006

Ile 2 it’s a work that explore the “body shape” through the movement and its connection with the space.
Two men in a rectangular space move in a simple way: the point of view amplifies the little differences between them. The spectator can’t get involved in their regard so He can only imagine the correspondence between the directions of the bodies and the sounds.

direction / editing /soundesign: Simona Da Pozzo ; director ass./ ripetitrice: Claire Ubéda ; performers: Fabrice Merlen & Damien Dreux; photography: Daniele Vascelli ; executive production: da pozzo/ ubéda; produced by A PEAU D’ECRAN. Nomade Prize, Bologna 2006, Jumping Frames Hong Kong prize 2006