Don’t touch but nibble

Analogical interactive installation and video. 1 kg of Alfalfa seeds, water, an embroidered canvas 140 x 50 cm, 2 trestles, 1 sprinkler, glass jar, 1 video camera + 1 tripod, 1 videoprojector – germination : 5 days.

video : documentation of the action part of the installation realized at Turno 14/22, exhibition at Cascina CuccagnaMilan, 2011 // Celeste Prize, Rome 2012

The work is a work dealing with the human/animal construction via a participative installation.

The seeds sprout in the exhibition space, the visitors are invited to nibble the installation and a stop motion video documents the growing process and the moment of nibbling. The video is shouted, updated and projected in real time during the exhibition.