Esperimento Congnitivo #3

Environment for cognitive process, variable dimensions || black varnish, carved chalks, Glocary framed definitions,Time- maps books, 2 channels audio. Milan, 2016

Esperimento Congnitivo #3
Environment for cognitive process, variable dimensions.
Materials: varnish, embossed chalks, handwritten texts, framed prints, original soundrack realized by Supermoon, artistbooks and timecapsules.
From December 15th 2016...

I fitted out my work space at VIR to experiment about the possibilities of cognitive assimilation of Glocary words. I painted the studio drawing two hight black triangles reconfiguring the classical frame of the writing space giving to it a very physical perspective and amplitude. I invited people (visitors and friends) to be part of a collaborative action: to perform and test an empirical process to define a “standard” assimilation procedure.
Their action consisted on writing with special chalks: I’ve embossed on the chalk the word each-one wanted to embody. Then, with that chalk they wrote the definition of the word and some examples on the wall. The participants became custodians of what was leftovers of each chalk carved. Each participant then wrote the memorized word in the public space, with the idea of sharing it with a particular person.