Luminescenze : Landscape Portraits

Participative actions and photo series 2016-2018

images: “Adriano”, fine art photo print 120 x75 cm, Milan 2017; “Avoiding Snipers on the border”, fine art photo print 60 x 75 cm, Nicosia 2018.

Through improvised photographic sets, Luminescenze is both a digital and live process of collaborative mapping. Luminescenze is a photographic series, somewhere between science fiction and the sacred, which reintegrates the borderline places of Milan into the city’s imagination through luminescent bodies.

The shots portray the inhabitants involved while they illuminate a place chosen by them by wearing a Luminescent Bone. The portraits are the result of the relationship established between the people involved during the nocturnal explorations: the inhabitants who point out the place, the artist who conducts the project, the curious passers-by.

The first series mapped the out-skirts of Milan within the involvement of nearly a hundred of citizens in the frame of Borderlight project produced by Non Riservato.

A second intervention has been realized in Nicosia depicting the border between Greek and Turkish side despite the sniper’s garrison, in the frame of the Mini Residency curated by Urban Gorillas.

The project resulted form the collaborative performance Relais.

Simona Da Pozzo, with the photographic series Luminescenze (…) leads us back to a series of urban actions, performative and participative, based on the use of self-produced wearable light emitting devices. In the images of individuals who, alone or in small groups, present themselves crowned with this luminous train, something unsaid and unspeakable emerges; a subjective quality that apparently escapes reason.” 

Gabi Scardi, from Scolpire la notte by Collettivo Borderlight