Border map

Digital and IRL participative Map of Milan’s visual borders.

The Borderlight Collective (Lorenzo Bruscaglioni, Emilia Castioni, Nicola Ciancio, Simona Da Pozzo, Cecilia Di Gaddo, Isabella Mara) investigates Milan to reintegrate borders into the city’s imagination, reshaping their light. Darkness as a space to be conquered, as a permission to create new narratives. The tool is a participatory map to identify public spaces that need to be the subject and object of artistic actions (such as installations, performances, workshops and light walks) to infuse new relational dynamics into their night landscape. Borderlight is an artistic research produced by Non Riservato, conceived and developed by the Borderlight Collective composed of artists and designers from three associations belonging to the network: Asterisma, Astronove and Ex-Voto. The project has been developed in collaboration with the Municipality and Municipalities, libraries and associations of Milan and the LaCittàIntorno program of the Cariplo Foundation.