Paysages, intervalles et pauses

Installation : 15 artistbooks (Timemaps: 17 blank and red printings on tracing paper 41 cm x 530 cm); 17 murano-glasses encapsulating 17 different files audio on usb and baraka seeds; original soundtrack; red ladder, binoculars, telescope.

The exhibition displays the wealth of images, relationships, stories and words emerged during the relational intervention Des film dans le crâne realized Beirut in 2015. The intervention involved in a series of interviews, 17 inhabitants of Beiruth. The 15 artist books map the process of emersion of Glocary words during the interviews as a musical score of the exchange. They enlighten the relation between French, Arabic and English in the Lebanese speaking.

Work realized in collaboration with the graphic designer Cecilia Di Gaddo and with Slon and Madetomesure of Supermoon project.