Participative urban performance, 33 Luminescent Bones and 33 inhabitants of Milan 2016

images: stills form documentation video

I’ve involved 30 inhabitants of Milan in an itinerant performance. With their faces enlightened by the Luminescent Bones, they walked on the limit streets of the Brera District: those that were the ancient borders of the city.

During the elaboration process of the performance, we made a collective reflection on the relationship between light and darkness in the urban dimension of Milan. These reflections were shared with passers-by by projecting their own sentences with an overhead projector on the walls of Ponte della Ghisolfa.

The action ended with the performers taking a bus to the peripheral area Greco as premise and starting point for Luminescenze project.

This process, shared with and feeded by Chiara Papa, Elena Buscemi, Daniele Re, Valentina Stefani, Giuseppe Buffoli, Federica Frigo, Giulia Curti, Valentina Chiesa, Elena Malara, Raffaele Bisogno, Silvia Bergo, Greta Cesarini, Alessio Fumagalli, Antara Majumdar, Rachele Patrizia Catanese, Alessandra Arnò, Paolo Simoni, Viola Petrella, Caterina Gobbi, Eleonora Valguarnera, Benedetta Bianchi, Marilena Montini, Maria Satta, Giovanni Serrano, Giulio Bellotto, has been the humus of Luminescenze project.

The intervention has been realized in the frame of Bordelight : a project founded by NON RISERVATO

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