What Remains

What Remains From 4 pm to 10 pm, site specific intervention at NAC residency Rotterdam. Mimetic photo prints, projected video, objets trouvées, vapor, recipes, drawings, food labels, balloons, vases, biscuits.

The immersive installation is both the result and the proposition of a situation: it is an occasion to exchange about the experience that I’m producing around “what remains”.
“From 4 pm to 10 pm” is a duration between to random hours : there’s not a starting point or a end for something, even if my body was between the others as a tiny intervention, as a time machine device. I was performing a residue of my self.
So it was about this very loop questions about the trace, the impression, the death, the residue (would I be dramatic or not?)… all that stuff…..What would it be there when I (or some body else) will not?