MAASGOD Poster by Kamiel

Residency at State of the City with Hacking Monuments project thanks to nctm e l’arte residency grant.

Charlois aan het Water Foundation, the foundation behind Pavilion on the Water, has been initiating an Artist-in-Residence programme in collaboration with CBK Rotterdam since 2015. Charlois aan het Water Foundation is an initiative of Vitibuck Architects and Stedelinks010. These foundations focus on the urban and social development of the Rotterdam port, in particular the Maashaven – an area that is subject to a lot of change, and will change a lot more over the next 15 years. The residency programme is part of this research.

In this frame I’ve realized some works around the Maas God monument. Kamiel Verschuren has created a poster for each one of the projects/artists hosted. Here there is Maasgod Voice one: