The Glocal Glossary // 2011-2017

It’s a research about language as tool to be re-inhabited. The project explore cognitive process making to surface new visions by the means of dialogue. The Glocal Glossary collects and spreads sounds building complicity between unknown people. Vocal sounds born evanescent and stateless, are transliterated to crystallize unnamed visions. Those are the material from which interventions in the public space are drown to shift the concept of belonging to a place.

Lately I have been reinterpreting some key elements of the project through the concepts of habit and form as concerted by Eduardo Kohn in “How forests think”.

A project supported by EX-VOTO (Association For Radical Public Culture) in collaboration with: TABADOL, Lyon; IN SITU Network, META project grant and residency; REGGIA DI VENARIA, Turin; INSTITUT FRANCAIS du Liban; Beyrout; MANSION-BLATT, Beirut; VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Milan; Kunstlerdorf Schoeppingen, Muenster; Fondazione Cariplo, Milan.